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Mission Statement: Why we are making this film.

We want to heighten the awareness of child sexual abuse, to facilitate (or to ignite) a national conversation about its prevalence, and to propel the elements of the devastating aftermath to the forefront of understanding so that the numbers of abuse, whether reported or undocumented, will decline.

  • Educate parents and children on how to prevent abuse
  • Encourage the reporting occurrences (past and present)
  • Provide all victims with the support, freedom and safety to tell their stories
  • Promote activism
  • Further legislation dealing with CSA, including laws that deal with statue of limitations and education in schools.

These objectives will be achieved via creation of a series of content including a feature length documentary and a children’s short film (see below).


My Body Belongs To Me

Please spread this far and wide. We made it with the sole intent of creating the missing tool for educating children, for parents and educators. 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by their 18th birthday. We can change that. 93% of the abuse is someone known to the child and not a stranger so keep that in mind when you talk to your kids.

This film is dedicated to all those in service preventing and publicizing Child Sex Abuse and all those providing care for survivors.

To order a copy of the critically acclaimed children’s book My Body Belongs to Me which includes important information such as child friendly prevention tips and age appropriate discussion topics, go to

Directed by: Josh Franer

Illustrated and Animated by: Shawn Feeney

Written By: Jill Starishevsky

Produced by: Josh Franer, Brick Wall Management, Jill Starishevsky

Executive producers: Josh Franer, Michael Solomon, Rishon Blumberg

Voice Over: Rainen Solomon

Music: Auto Happy, Super Damage Points, You’re All I Need,
By Slow Runner & Michael Flynn,
Courtesy of Primary Wave Music Publishing

Best Practices Kid Language: Emily Cartwright

Special Thanks: Peter, Emily Curtiss, Emily Cartwright, Angela Williams, Tammy Vonada Lerner, Lucy Solomon, Pam Manela, Daphne and Matt Guttman, Nirmala Nataraj